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Personalized brain training with research-backed games
App of the Year in 2014, then Apple Watch Best of 2015.

Elevate is the most highly polished design I've ever built. From 1.20 to 3.0; I refined animations, tested assumptions and implemented new designs for every major component. Thousands of ratings consistently averaged above four and a half stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Elevate Games 2.0
Elevate Performance 2.0

An app every year


My own experiment in shipping an app while it's still baking

Chubbyy is a virtual pet for your fingers. He doesn't do or say much yet, but he gets excited when you love him. Some day eventually he wants to spend most of his time on your wrist. For now he has a teleporter than lets him be in both places at once.

Available now in fine App Stores everywhere.

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